Registration of charitable and public organizations

by Sep 6, 2022

In connection with the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine, there was an urgent need for various support and assistance to Ukraine from international charitable and public organizations, volunteers.

Despite certain restrictions and difficulties in the implementation of certain registration actions at the present time, it is possible to create charitable and public organizations, as well as separate units of international non-governmental organizations. However, there is a difference between these types of organizations depending on the capabilities, needs and goals of the future organization.

Charitable Organization

The main function of charitable organizations is to collect and transfer funds and property to recipients of charitable assistance. The choice of such an organizational and legal form for financial and other material support of Ukraine is relevant for the provision of international technical assistance and grant programs with the aim of obtaining assistance to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine, victims of war, volunteers, as well as for the reconstruction of the country in the future. Such an organization can be established both by individuals and by foreign public and charitable organizations.

Public organization

A public organization is created on a voluntary basis by its members (at least two persons) to meet public needs. The main function of public organizations is to contribute to the satisfaction of the common interests of the members of such an organization, as well as to provide assistance to persons who need it. They can cooperate with international organizations to provide technical assistance, participate in international projects, grants.

A separate subdivision of a foreign non-governmental organization (NGO)

This option is reserved for already active international organizations that implement various charitable programs, have resources and want to register a division in Ukraine.

State registration in Ukraine of a separate subdivision of a foreign nongovernmental organization is carried out through its accreditation without acquiring a corporate status.

Advance Consulting will help you choose the organizational and legal form of the organization that meets your needs and is the most optimal for your activity.

How can Advance Consulting help?


  • advising on the choosing a type of charitable or public organization and developing its corporate structure;
  • incorporation and registration of charitable, public organizations and subdivisions of foreign non-governmental organizations;
  • development of statutory documents and other internal documents for specific purposes and needs;
  • making changes to the statutory documents;
  • advising on taxation of charitable or civil organizations.



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