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Qualified legal assistance can effectively and relatively painlessly determine controversies and protect your own interests in court.

Subscription services

Without doubt, it`s unreal to do business within the frames of law without lawyers or even law office. But sometimes there aren`t enough of legal task to take on a lawyer, or per contra – staff lawyer`s knowledge and experience are not enough to solve a current issue. For avoiding such accidents, we offer the business subscription services.


Why legal outsourcing is better than staff lawyer?

  1. It`s economy. You shouldn`t pay taxes for lawyer`s salary.
  2. It`s effective. We have lawyers specialized in different legal branches.
  3. It`s reliably. Legal company doesn’t get sick, doesn’t have a maternity leave, doesn’t retire.
  4. It`s convenient. Sometimes it`s difficult to retire a lawyer because of particularities of labor legislation, while the agreement with legal company regulates conditions of termination of cooperation.
  5. It`s safety. Client executes a non-disclosure agreement with legal company guarantying protection from confidential and commerce information leakage.


What we offer?

We provide a legal counsel and legal projects support on base of subscription services agreement. Such agreement includes a list of services, which client could use on conditions based on hourly rates.

Client could request next services:

  • Drafting written counsels on current legal requests;
  • Corporate law;
  • Registration services;
  • Taxation;
  • Contract law etc.

We have a considerable experience, provide services on different languages, keep an eye on legislative changes, get tasks in time and in a quality manner. Moreover, the chief thing – Advance Consulting lawyers always take care about clients and their business.

How it works? 

Legal subscription services involves the work of lawyers on client’s requests within a certain number of hours per month on terms of monthly payment based on a fixed amount.  The cost of our services ranges from UAH 4,000 * per month.


* The budget is determined according to the client`s necessities and the number of hours the lawyer`s work provided by the subscription service. 4 000 UAH per month stipulates for 10 hours of lawyer’s work for a month.


In case of exceeding the stipulated number of hours, further billing of legal services is carried out on the terms of hourly payment.

Our company maintains a thorough record of hours worked for every individual legal issue or project.  Time is set to the client with a minimum step of 6 minutes. At the end of each month, we provide a detailed breakdown of the services provided for a month or by specific project / cause         jointly with the invoice.

The above budgets do not include the cost of administration and postage, the services of a translation bureau, a notary public, an auditor, and the cost of securing possible business trips for client tasks.  Any costs are reasonable and pre-agreed with the client for each individual task.  Such costs will be separately indicated in the invoices and will be subject to additional payment.

Soon you will find that solving specific legal issues is far more profitable than the work of a full-time lawyer.

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