Accounting services and audit

Assistance or complete dismissal of the client from accounting, drawing up and submission of reports with simultaneous independent review of financial statements.

Personnel accounting

Personnel outsourcing accounting:
  • Drawing-up or adaptation of labor contracts, job descriptions, internal regulations on wages, bonuses;
  • Accounting for personnel movement, preparation of relevant documentation (hiring, vacation, dismission);
  • Maintenance of the register of orders on personnel, personnel documentation;
  • Registration of working hours accounting sheets;
  • Treatment of sick leave, registration of applications for hospital financing at the expense of the Social Insurance Fund;
  • Preparation of references from the place of work at the request of employees;
  • Preparation and reporting;
  • Preparation of information for the payment of wages.
Outsourcing payroll:

  • Obtaining information for the payment of wages;
  • Payroll twice a month (advance and final settlement);
  • Calculation of other charges provided for by the employment contract or the applicable wage system (bonuses, overtime, other compensatory payments);
  • Calculation of vacation and sick leave;
  • Conducting final calculations at the release of employees;
  • Calculation of taxes and contributions from the remuneration of individuals who work under civil-law contracts;
  • Administration of payment of wages, as well as relevant taxes and fees;
  • Preparation of settlement information, checklists and their sending to employees;
  • Preparation and reporting.

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