Business consulting

Services that are required for external evaluation of an enterprise’s activity for developing long-term and short-term strategies.


Financial consulting includes:

  • Evaluation and financial modeling;
  • Transfer pricing;
  • M&A transaction support;
  • Recommendations for optimizing business processes.
Full list of financial consulting services
  • Formation of strategic architecture in the company;
  • Construction and improvement of operational processes;
  • Analysis of functional and organizational structure;
  • Preparation of financial plans and budgets;
  • Identification of business risks;
  • Evaluating company development opportunities and optimizing cost management;
  • Calculation of need for working capital;
  • Business preparation for sale;
  • Analysis and evaluation of options for exit from business.


Tax consulting and audit consists of:

  • Verification of current taxation approaches to eliminate systemic mistakes in tax accounting and reduce tax risks;
  • Preparation for tax audit, identification of risks of tax violations and recommendations for their elimination;
  • Support in communications with tax authorities and preparation of reasoned expert opinions;
  • Development of a strategy for appealing decisions of tax authorities.
Full list of tax audit services
  • Consulting and methodological assistance for the effective organization of tax accounting and optimization of tax burden;
  • Consultations on taxation of foreign companies and their representative offices in Ukraine;
  • Statement of tax invoices and verification of tax invoices received from suppliers;
  • Communication with suppliers on the timely provision of tax invoices, as well as the correctness of their completion;
  • Preparation of a register of tax invoices and its submission to the bodies of the Ministry of Income and Fees;
  • Preparation and submission of monthly tax returns from VAT;
  • Preparation and submission of a tax return (as an option – on the basis of credentials / primary documents received from the customer);
  • Providing decoding of the tax return on the basis of financial accounting data;
  • Analysis of expenses reflected in the accounting for their inclusion in tax expenses;
  • Accrual of depreciation in tax accounting;
  • Discuss with the customer the main indicators of declarations, as well as potential risks and ways to minimize them;
  • Periodic check of the correctness of filling in the declarations prepared by the customer’s employees;
  • Preparation and submission of tax returns;
  • Verification of accounting data with the data of tax accounting, identification of permanent and temporary differences;
  • Control over timely submission of tax returns and payment of relevant payments to the budget;
  • Monitoring of changes in the tax legislation of Ukraine and notification of the customer about changes that may significantly affect its economic activity.

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